Real Estate and Property Tax 10

Are the environmental problems caused by human settlement? Or are there other factors? There are many reasons.

Let’s call Siem Reap River a victim. It no longer functions as before. Human settlement is the main reason. But there are other things that can affect Siem Reap River. Some citizens don’t take care of the river.

They let unclean water flow into it. They scatter extensive waste. It flows into the river whenever there’s wind or rain. Some construction also do not follow the standard techniques.

They don’t care whether rain-water can flow or gets stuck. These are factors in addition to human settlement. The government and local authorities have implemented a project. The project aims to prevent increasing environmental impacts. It requires people living along the river to move from their homes. Can we still develop if we don’t ask people to move? Development comes in different forms.

The original states before development are also different. Some people can be developed immediately without asking people to move. But we cannot develop Siem Reap River and allow people to stay. I think it is impossible. The houses will stay as they are if we develop immediately. We’ll improve the beauty of the area only. We will still have the filth. Waste will inevitably be poured into the river if people live there.

Especially liquid waste. The flow of rain waters will also remain slow if the houses remain. So too the flowing speed of the river. Flooding will continue to occur. It is hard to tell people not to throw cigarettes and waste into the water. We continue with the report on the evictions from Siem Reap River. Approximately 400 houses are required to move from Siem Reap River. This is for the sake of improving the river’s beauty.

There are 276 houses in sangkat Slor kram that required removal. Sangkat authorities revealed that they did not give title deeds to the people. They knew that it was the state’s property. Some people have been living here since 1979 and the early 80’s. They live there for a long time. Others came to settle here during the years of political integration from 1989-91. we didn’t have any development project at that time. We hadn’t planned clear goals. They moved here because the war hadn’t ended yet. The war ended in 1998 in Siem Reap. We Started to prevent such settlement in 2001.

This speech is designed to absolve oneself of responsibility. There is a master plan in each region to arrange the city. We accepted them as citizens when they came here to live here. It was our responsibility. Their living was made legal when we dared to recognize them. It didn’t affect other people’s ownership. We would assure them of a life in the village or commune.

The government funds the subsidies to pay compensation. This is for the people whose houses were pulled down. The compensation differs in terms of procedures. It depends on the location of removal. Some receive land of 7m * 15m and funds for removal. Some receive cash. Tenants who rent properties for business don’t receive compensation. It is important that people receive deeds with the compensatory land. The land that we grant needs to have legal title deeds. Then it wont be difficult for us to prepare a small concession of land.

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